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Bubble Trouble Bubble Trouble     4.5 Star   Plays today: 8   Plays All-time: 192,008
Just like Buster Brothers! Pop the bubbles, collect powerups, and advance to the next level!
Burgertime Burgertime     5 Star   Plays today: 4   Plays All-time: 1,131
Burgertime is a classic and fun action arcade game where you're chased by hotdogs and an egg!
Flappy Bird Flappy Bird     4.5 Star   Plays today: 17   Plays All-time: 5,948
The infamous Flappy Bird game is now playable in your web browser! Flap your bird wings and avoid the pipes!
Ground Keeper Ground Keeper     4.5 Star   Plays today: 5   Plays All-time: 64,533
Plays like QIX! Fun arcade action thats perfect for work (no sound and easy to play)
Gyroball Gyroball     4 Star   Plays today: 10   Plays All-time: 107,232
Remember Marble Madness? This game borrows heavily from that classic arcade game. It takes steady nerves to win!
Helicopter Helicopter     5 Star   Plays today: 14   Plays All-time: 297,047
Avoid obstacles in this helicopter one-button game!
Kaboom Kaboom     4.5 Star   Plays today: 3   Plays All-time: 96,423
This simple Atari classic game will test your reflexes as you catch the bombs!
Kaboom Kaboom     4.5 Star   Plays today: 1   Plays All-time: 50,270
So many bombs! An intense game of reflexes!
Lander X Lander X     5 Star   Plays today: 0   Plays All-time: 43,337
An updated version of the classic Lunar Lander game!
MCR Sweet Revenge MCR Sweet Revenge     4.5 Star   Plays today: 16   Plays All-time: 191,098
Sweet retro-NES style graphics are featured in this simple but enjoyable fast-paced action game!

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