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Prince of Persia free game

Prince of Persia

Sidescrolling, By Ubisoft. Play the classic game that inspired the modern Prince of Persia series! Jumping action at its finest. Played 373 times today, 2,187,605 times all-time!
4.5 out of 5
1507 votes
How to play: Navigate the dungeon and stop Vizier before time runs out! (You have 8 minutes!)

Use the arrow keys and the Shift key for all actions in this game. To move the Prince, press the Left and Right arrow keys. Hold Shift to walk slowly to avoid falling off edges or to safely walk past spikes on the floor. Press Up to jump, or press Up+Left or Up+Right to jump left or right. (You can also press Space to jump in the direction you're facing.) Press Shift to pick up items. When fighting, press Up to block attacks and Down to put your sword away so you can escape.

It may take a few seconds for the game to load!
You may need to click once inside the game below to activate it!

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