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First things first! If you are requesting help, please make sure Flash, Shockwave, and Java are installed and functioning correctly!

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I would be happy to add your online game to, provided that it is:
  • Free (no payment or registration is required to play)
  • A classic arcade/game remake (or at least has a retro feel)
  • Uses no "special" web technology (ie only Flash, Shockwave, Java, Javascript/DHTML)
  • Does NOT require the user to accept/install anything in order to play (no scumware!)
If your game meets these requirements, please contact me to request that it be added. Please do not send file attachments, if you do I will delete them. If the total file size for your game is small, it may be possible to host it on Games will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Thank you for submitting your game! :)

Contact Info

Questions, comments, suggestions, link requests, and all other correspondence can be sent to (Please note that I cannot always reply to all emails I receive.) Thank you for your time! :) Partner Sites

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