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How do I download and play the games?
First click on the "Download" link. A box will appear asking if you want to Open, Save, or Cancel. Choose "Save", then select where you want to save the install file. Remember where you save it! (Its often a good idea to create a C:\Download folder to store all your downloaded files.) After the file finishes downloading, open Windows Explorer, browse to where you saved the file, and double click it. The installer program will guide you through the game's installation process.

After the installation is complete, you can delete the install file. (For example, if you downloaded a file called 'fungameinstaller.exe', you can delete that file after installing the game.)

To play the games, look for an icon on your desktop. (Most games put an icon on your desktop when you install them.) If there is no icon on your deskop, look for the game's icon somewhere in your Start menu.
The game has errors / gives a black screen / crashes ... what do I do?
Please do not contact the author of this site about these problems! I did not write any of these games, and therefore cannot help you with any specific problems. You can find a link to the game author's website listed with each of the games.

Often these problems can be fixed by running Windows Update, the most important update being to make sure your DirectX drivers are up to date and working properly!
How do I make the game run faster, it runs too slowly?
Some games have higher processor requirements than others. Please check the game author's websites to view full requirements for each game. Often puzzle-type games have lower system requirements and run better on old computers than action or 3D type games.