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Mastermind: A classic board game for your mind: Guess the colored pegs! Rated 4.5 out of 5 with 27 ratings

Instructions: This game is similar to the classic MasterMind game. (Which is owned by Hasbro Inc, no relation to this unofficial version!)

The computer selects four randomly colored pegs. The object of the game is to guess those four color pegs, in the correct order. Use your mouse to select colors and then place pegs in the holes. Start by selecting colors from the bottom and guessing colors on the left (by clicking on the bottom row). After you make your guess, the computer will tell you how many you got correct:

White Circle: Means you guessed a color correctly, but put it in the wrong order.

Black Circle: Means you guessed a color correctly and got it in the right slot.

Keep trying until you guess correctly, using the computer's feedback as a guide. The game ends when you guess correctly or you run out of turns.

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